Oliver Henzler

Oliver Henzler

Oliver is a New York-based facilitator and coach who focuses on Presence, Team Development, Storytelling, and Creativity.

Oliver’s background in the performing arts propelled him to specialize in experiential learning approaches that harness the power of embodied intelligence. He is an authorized Synapsing® teacher and certified Feldenkrais® practitioner. Oliver applies his embodied learning expertise when creating dynamic learning programs for leaders and teams across multiple industries. Simple, almost effortless exercises are often non-verbal, based in movement, enriched by the imagination and anchor themes because of their experiential nature.

An accomplished performer, Oliver has extensive experience on stage and screen. As an actor, he performed in productions at the acclaimed American Repertory Theater in Boston and the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, and appeared in several television shows and feature films. Oliver has also worn the hat of director and producer of theater productions and films that have aired at international film festivals.

A passionate athlete, Oliver gets in touch with his competitive spirit on the soccer field, a tennis court or the occasional marathon course. His true love for sports, however, is fed by the spirit of play and the stillness of nature when surrounded by mountains.

“One of the great challenges for any actor is to be in the present moment. You have learned your lines, you know when to speak and where to stand. But how to trick yourself to tell the story as if for the first time?

Over the years, I realized that the actor’s skillset is multifaceted and applicable to the corporate arena: to be present, to listen, to connect, and to tell a compelling story.”

Oliver Henzler
  • Green meets Blue, Founding Partner
  • The New School, Theater Department, Faculty
  • Theater, TV, Film; Actor, Director, Producer
  • Wild Emperor Productions, LLC; Producer
  • MFA, School of the Arts, Columbia University
  • BA (honors), Wesleyan University, Connecticut
  • Synapsing® Teacher
  • Feldenkrais® Practitioner
  • German
  • English
  • Presence & Presentations
  • Team Mind
  • Storytelling
  • Creativity