Bringing It, We, & I Together

Based on Ken Wilber’s model (that Fred Kofman simplified and applied to business context), we believe there are three dimensions in every business:

  • ItThe Impersonal: tasks, facts, goals, processes, and efficiency.
  • WeThe Interpersonal: relationships and company culture, including values and the level of trust between colleagues.
  • IThe Personal: self-realization, personal success and happiness.

As an executive, you’re biased towards strategy, structure and numbers (‘It’). It’s these skills that got you where you are today. But beyond numbers and tasks, how effectively do you relate to your colleagues? Do you get the best of your teams? Do you give them what they need to do well? Do people love working with you?

And on the ‘I’ side, how satisfied are you with yourself? Why are you doing what you’re doing? Have you found your passion, your purpose? Are you an inspiring leader?

Businesses can only be at their very best when all three areas are integrated and aligned. And this is where sum can help


Although it is possible to achieve good financial results in the short term with unhappy people, cold relationships, or wasteful processes, the gain will not endure. Strong profits will not be sustainable without equally strong interpersonal solidarity and personal well-being.
– Fred Kofman,
  author of Conscious Business