How many big little lies are in your life?

Dear friends, I can’t remember that I ever recommended to watch a TV series; so this is a first. ‘Big little lies’ on HBO is a master piece, and it is not by accident that it won 4 Golden Globe and 8 Emmy Awards. It is the story of 5 upper class mothers (outstanding cast […]

Ever been grounded? What can we learn of it?

It was diligently planned as a typical week in a busy period of the year when many clients define their priorities for the coming year, sharpen their purpose, address team dynamics, or celebrate recent achievements: Executive workshop on Monday and Tuesday in the Bernese Alps A day and a half in the office for planning […]

Did you give your company an inspiring purpose?

During a recent workshop with an executive team we spent significant time on spelling out a compelling and relevant purpose. The facilities of the hotel were well suited for our quest, with spacious meeting rooms, a colorful park and beautiful nature surroundings. At some point I ran into the hotel’s vision statement, hanging in a […]

What can we learn from Burning Man?

A year ago a Mountain Wisdom friend invited me to Burning Man. I was unclear what to expect and even a bit apprehensive with the expectations to spend a week in the desert, the dust and heat, so many people… I asked Carolina to join and we made it the celebration of our 20th wedding […]

Which wall could you tear down?

Commencement speeches are a beautiful source for wisdom, and I am sure many of you drew some insights and guidance from Steve Jobs’ speech at Stanford or Steven Spielberg’s at Harvard or others that you might have watched. Last Friday I experienced some very touching moments watching Angela Merkel speak at this year’s Harvard commencement […]