Can you shape a high performing team – online?

Dear friends, Over the last decade at sum people we have facilitated 1000+ High Performance Team (HPT) workshops in 40+ countries on all continents (with the exception of Antarctica; even though Tasmania, Patagonia and South Africa got relatively close). During all these experiences we developed some core beliefs on critical success factors to shape high […]

Thoughts for the journey from Vas Narasimhan

Dear friends, like many of you I have been grounded at home and I am trying to make sense of the experience. It is great to have some friends and clients who understand what is going on and who dedicate their lives to advance science to the benefit of humankind. One of them is Vas […]

How many big little lies are in your life?

Dear friends, I can’t remember that I ever recommended to watch a TV series; so this is a first. ‘Big little lies’ on HBO is a master piece, and it is not by accident that it won 4 Golden Globe and 8 Emmy Awards. It is the story of 5 upper class mothers (outstanding cast […]

Ever been grounded? What can we learn of it?

It was diligently planned as a typical week in a busy period of the year when many clients define their priorities for the coming year, sharpen their purpose, address team dynamics, or celebrate recent achievements: Executive workshop on Monday and Tuesday in the Bernese Alps A day and a half in the office for planning […]

Did you give your company an inspiring purpose?

During a recent workshop with an executive team we spent significant time on spelling out a compelling and relevant purpose. The facilities of the hotel were well suited for our quest, with spacious meeting rooms, a colorful park and beautiful nature surroundings. At some point I ran into the hotel’s vision statement, hanging in a […]