CONSULTANT – Scott Peltin

Scott Peltin

Scott combines his passion and knowledge to help his executive clients achieve their full potential. He has worked with CEO’s, C-level executives, professional athletes, and many critical 1% leaders to improve their performance and sustainability. Scott’s unique authentic and practical approach helps his clients break through their barriers and experience a new level of energy, executional stamina, effectiveness, mental agility, and resilience they didn’t know they possessed. His writing style is conversational and provocative, and along with Tignum co-founder Jogi Rippel, their book Sink, Float, or Swim has impacted many executives. Prior to founding Tignum in 2005, Scott worked on the front line as a firefighter and as a captain, and later led his crews as a battalion and division chief in the Phoenix Fire Department. Serving in the fire service for over 25 years, he developed many nationally recognized high-performance and leadership programs where high performance is absolutely non-negotiable. As Scott has learned from his high performing executives – most of what they do in business leadership is about putting out fires. The only problem is that they aren’t prepared to do it, and they don’t have strategies for their own sustainability in this high-pressure environment.
Scot tPeltin
  • Tignum, Co-Founder & Chief Performance Officer
  • M.S. California University of Pennsylvania – Performance Enhancement and Exercise Physiology
  • B.S. University of Maryland –Kinesiological Sciences