Dr. Ekkehard Kuppel

Ekki is a global citizen with deep business experience across a wide range of roles (CEO, investor, entrepreneur, consultant, board member), industries (services, FMCG, media, financial institutions), and countries (Germany, Spain, France, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Switzerland).

Today, Ekki is focusing his work on helping CEOs, senior executives, and their teams integrate the three dimensions: It (business and tasks), We (relationships), and I (self).

Ekki is also the founder of Mountain Wisdom, a Swiss foundation that
takes CEOs to the mountains to explore the fundamental questions in life.


During my corporate career I was focused on solving problems. This is what I had learned and what I was good at. Later in my career I asked: how did I contribute to these problems? I recognized that my executive task focus did limit my ability to productively relate with colleagues and partners (and actually my family) and it did not allow me to explore who I was and what I really wanted to do with my life.

I am still very passionate about business, I love strategy and high performance; today I am convinced that in order to achieve sustainable success we have to apply the same standards of excellence to the
human dimension.

The corporate world is full of task oriented, hard working and ambitious executives. I want to work with those who are curious and open to integrate the We- and the I-dimension at the service of a better It (results, performance). It is my purpose to help executives take their heart to work every day.

Dr. Ekkehard Kuppel

  • Axialent, MD
  • Adecco Human Capital, CEO
  • Lee Hecht Harrison, CEO
  • Jacobs Holdings, Managing Director
  • 20 Minutes Holding, CEO
  • McKinsey & Co, Principal
  • Dr. oec, Univ. St. Gallen
  • DEA International Management, Univ. Paris Dauphine
  • Dipl Wirtschaftsing, Univ. of Karlsruhe (TU)
  • German (mother tongue)
  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (fluent)
  • French (fluent)
  • Portuguese (basic)
  • High Performance Teams
  • Strategic management and alignment
  • Organization and Governance
  • Culture Change
  • Executive development