Dr. Alper Tengüz

Alper Tengüz is a globally active leadership development consultant. He is dedicated to helping individuals and groups grow their capacity for leadership through executive and team coaching and facilitating experiential, impactful leadership development environments.

Alper’s project managerial work with McKinsey, education as a Lean Manufacturing Engineer, and for the past 10 years in coaching, facilitation and conflict resolution make him a trusted advisor on complex development challenges.

He lived and worked across the globe (USA, London, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore) and worked in private and public sectors. He spent his childhood in and currently lives in Germany and Turkey. This bi-cultural, West/East background informs his work in international settings and makes him a credible partner for various stakeholders in change processes.


I see huge pressures on managers to raise their leadership game. This isn’t just about getting better at managing; employees demand a new type of leadership authority, one based on influence and involvement not dominance and exclusion. However, this collaborative style of leadership isn’t our taught response. Developing this capacity to leverage individual and collective leadership is in my experience the biggest leverage point and also the biggest blind spot in leadership development.

Dr. Alper Tengüz
  • Learning Architect, Founder
  • University of Frankfurt, Lecturer
  • McKinsey & Co, Engagement Manager
  • Dr. rer.pol., Frankfurt Univ.
  • Master, Adult Education, Univ. Kaiserslautern
  • Master, Bachelor, Industrial & Operations Engineering, Univ. of Michigan, USA
  • German (mother tongue)
  • Turkish (mother tongue)
  • English (native ability)
  • Japanese (basic)
  • Spanish (basic)
  • Large group facilitation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Transformational Performance Coaching
  • Intercultural Management
  • Large-scale corporate development