CONSULTANT – Pablo Damerau

Pablo Damerau

Pablo is an experienced facilitator and coach dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organizations to expand their levels of consciousness to create new behaviors that generate the results they want to achieve.

His experience in different roles (CEO, partner, director, president of a chamber) enables him to build trust very rapidly and easily with business leaders.

This trust, together with his non-judgmental view on the current reality of his clients, help Pablo make “the unspoken” visible. He also generates contexts that allow the integration of different points of view. These are some of the key elements of a sustainable transformation process.

Pablo is passionate about human complexity. To explore it in depth, he has co-created a group of CEO’s, owners and leaders who reflect on how companies can embrace the beauty of that complexity and still generate tangible business results.


Goethe’s quote about the naked fruit trees in winter is the poetic expression of what surveys show about the current worldwide engagement levels of 15% in companies. This is a sad fact that touches me deeply.

But this fact has also awakened the strength and enthusiasm to help human beings find their process of transformation. Purpose and connectivity are, according to scientific research and my own experience, two of the key aspects to transform the levels of engagement that will produce better business outcomes.

Creating companies with a transcendent purpose for all the stakeholders, and practices that enable humans to have high levels of connectivity is my strongest personal motivation.

So, as Goethe said, I hope and I know that the level of engagement in companies, just as these naked trees, will be green, will bloom and even will bear fruit after going through a transformation process that I would love to be part of.

Pablo Damerau
  • AFW, Founding Partner
  • Newfield Consulting, Partner
  • Biblos, CEO
  • Teletech, Director
  • Law, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)
  • MBA (European School of Business)
  • Master in Ontological Coaching (Escuela Coaching Rafael Echeverria)
  • Spanish (mother tongue)
  • German (fluent)
  • English (fluent)
  • High Performance Teams
  • Culture Change
  • Mindset shifts in organizations
  • Personal Coaching
  • Leadership Development