CONSULTANT – Doug Manuel

Doug Manuel

A Multi-faceted trainer and conference speaker inspiring organisations to embrace and embody Value Based Leadership and Collaboration.

Founder and Director of Sewa Beats International, a team and leadership development consultancy, and creator of ‘Djembe! The Show’, a unique interactive concert that continues to win international acclaim, Doug dedicates his life to building bridges between people, Africa and the occident.

In search of his own true purpose, he has travelled widely and has lived many career changes. His love for Africa began in 1995 when he attended an African drumming workshop. This, combined with his work as a BBC documentary producer which saw Doug travel across the continent to film African elephants, inspired him to travel to West Africa and study music of the djembe. After several study trips in the late 1990’s he gave up his career as a Producer of BBC documentaries to set up Sewa Beats International in 2000.

Since then, he has been directing the company and facilitating a broad range of programs in multinationals, sports teams, leading business schools and NGO’s around the globe.

As well as continuing to develop himself, and his projects, he gives back to Africa via his foundation ‘Lighting Up Lives’.

His work focuses on Value Based Leadership and Collaboration combines a depth of first hand indigenous knowledge with a deep understanding of the human being and business processes and dynamics. His rich experience, high energy and passion makes him a sought after workshop leader and conference speaker.


We spend hours and hours of our lives at work – and so the key is to ensure that our work is our purpose. Work life balance is an old and out of date term, and so I rather embrace the idea of work life integration. So I take an integrative approach to accompanying the individuals and groups that I work with. We need to be whole and to allow every part of ourselves to shine. I give particular importance to feeling, emotional intelligence and authentic connection to ourselves and to those we collaborate and live with.

  • Associate Producer for BBC documentaries
  • Founder and Director of Sewa Beats International
  • Creator of ‘Djembe! The Show’ opening on Broadway in November 2017
  • French (fluent)
  • English (mother tongue)
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Value based leadership and collaboration
  • Leadership Development