CONSULTANT – Carolina Vidal

Carolina Vidal

I Have always been drawn to the big questions. Who are we? Why are we here? What’s the purpose of this whole thing called life? What is good? What is beautiful? I studied design following a lineage of architects but my interests in the philosophical questions made take a turn into the strategic side of things. My talent became to make the invisible, visible. My superpower: to make it beautiful – projects, places, people or processes.

After some life-changing experiences in nature, I started a journey of learning in and from Nature. I am radical optimist and I refuse to go extinct out lack of a better idea. We, humans, are creative by nature. We have the power to imagine better.


My talent is to make the invisible, visible. My superpower is to make it beautiful.

Carolina Vidal
  • UBA, Assistant teacher
  • Creative Direction self-employed.
  • Yoga teaching, private practice
  • Nature dialogue practitioner
  • Open-fire cook
  • Bachelor in Design and Visual Communication (UBA, University of Buenos Aires)
  • Master in Design, Art & Innovation (HdK, Basel)
  • Systemic Nature Practitioner (nature & healing)
  • International Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance)
  • Spanish (mother tongue)
  • German (fluent)
  • English (fluent)
  • French (un petit peu!)
  • Communication
  • Design thinking
  • Strategic Design
  • User experience
  • Workshop ideation
  • Virtual collaboration
  • Nature dialogue process
  • Outdoor-cooking