Which wall could you tear down?

Commencement speeches are a beautiful source for wisdom, and I am sure many of you drew some insights and guidance from Steve Jobs’ speech at Stanford or Steven Spielberg’s at Harvard or others that you might have watched. Last Friday I experienced some very touching moments watching Angela Merkel speak at this year’s Harvard commencement […]

Have you started to climb your second mountain?

The below article in NYT caught our attention. The author speaks to my heart when he introduces the concept of the two mountains in our lives. The first mountain is around achievement, individualistic performance, about ego and wanting to win and conquer. The second mountain is about purpose, service, about bringing your gift to the […]

What can we learn in Africa?

In a previous blog I wrote about brain wave cycles and ways to calm our busy minds to give space to creativity, intuition, empathy and potentially breakthrough ideas. The Mountain Wisdom Expedition to Senegal clearly offered such a space. 16 business leaders had followed the rather cryptic invitation to explore our origins in Africa.  The […]

How busy is your mind?

As you read these lines are you fully focused on its content or are you somehow distracted with a lot of other things in your mind? Do you know the state of the ‘monkey mind’? Is there a lot going on, often in parallel, and it feels a bit like monkeys running around? Not only […]

Do you do small talks or are you having deep conversations?

Dear Friends, Please ask yourself: How many of your social interactions remain on a relatively shallow small talk level? How many of your business conversations are focused on the It-level only? Or you talk about other people (i.e. not present in the conversation), but hardly go deeper on the I-dimension? What would be a personal […]