CONSULTANT – Benoit Greindl

Benoit Greindl

Benoit is a entrepreneur. He spent 20 years of his business life developing commercial real estate services companies in Europe, America and Asia. He sold two companies to important global players. At 40, he moved with his family to Shanghai. Removed from his usual social environment and faced with both culture shock and a midlife wake-up call speeded up his transition to new ambitions. Better alignment and a good combination of skills, passion and meaning became the most important drivers. In 2011, Benoit joined forces with his wife, Alexia Michiels, and together they founded Tadasana SA. This company invests in meaningful and socially responsible projects supporting human performance, well-being and value creation for all stakeholders. Through Tadasana SA, Benoit manages and is shareholder of Montagne Alternative, partner at Resilience Institute, president of the Board member at Libramont Exhibition, and has some minority interests in his previous company in China Realys Group.

I spent 20 years of my business life taking risks and developing companies in different territories with very different cultural backgrounds, driving teams of engineers, architects and other experts, serving small, local and large global organizations. Through failures and successes, I learned a lot on performance. Thanks to the diversity of my colleagues, clients and other stakeholders, I discovered that behind the cultural differences, humans are all driven by the same ideal and that well-aligned teams can achieve outstanding performance. The risks I took convinced me that the only way to grow personally and as an organization is to get out of your comfort zone. My 5 years in Asia taught me that aligning body, mind and spirit is a great way to elevate both human and corporate performance.

Benoit Greindl
  • Realys Group, (sold in 2011): Founder and CEO
  • DBAssociates (sold in 2004): Founder and CEO
  • Gulliver Organisation (Sold in 1994): Founder and CEO
  • Licence en sciences Cmmerciales et Financières (Jury d’Etat – ICHEC, Brussels)
  • French (mother tongue)
  • English (fluent)
  • Dutch (Basic)
  • Married to Alexia Michiels
  • 4 kids
  • Member of YPO since 2003
  • Working hard on body, mind & spirit everyday is key for me
  • Never forget passion and fun!