What I learned from a week in Esalen, Big Sur, CA

Esalen is a place on the edge. About 10 miles south of Big Sur, on the Highway 1, it lies right above the ocean with beautiful nature and scenery. It was founded in the 1960s by two bright Harvard and Stanford drop outs who felt there must be another way of learning and teaching. Aldous […]

And where are you on purpose?

The year end letter of BlackRock’s CEO and Chairman is remarkable. First, because it comes from the world’s biggest investment firm, second, he asks the CEOs of the companies where BlackRock is invested to put their emphasis on purpose and long term value creation for all stakeholders rather than focussing on short term results. This […]

Do you feel tired at the end of the year?

Our friends from Tignum have developed great expertise in the area of human high performance. The founder Scott Peltin shared a recent newsletter on fatigue that I thought many of you might find interesting at the end of the year. Enjoy the reading and inspiration on purpose, service, success and fun. Best, Ekki INVISIBLE FATIGUE […]

What is the story you are attached to?

During the recent fall break I took my family to my native Germany and in its capital we visited some of the monuments and museums: the Holocaust monument, the Berlin wall, the exhibition on the ‘topology of terror’ about the ascent and fall of the Nazis, the Stasi museum (in the former building of the […]

What can we learn from Bhagavad Gita?

And are you aware that you are both, the wave and the ocean? Last year an Indian spiritual teacher guided our Mount Kailash expedition to Tibet; a key concept we reflected on back then was ‘the wave and the ocean'. While we are all trying to be the best possible wave, and in fact compare ourselves […]