What is the story you are attached to?

During the recent fall break I took my family to my native Germany and in its capital we visited some of the monuments and museums: the Holocaust monument, the Berlin wall, the exhibition on the ‘topology of terror’ about the ascent and fall of the Nazis, the Stasi museum (in the former building of the […]

What can we learn from Bhagavad Gita?

And are you aware that you are both, the wave and the ocean? Last year an Indian spiritual teacher guided our Mount Kailash expedition to Tibet; a key concept we reflected on back then was ‘the wave and the ocean'. While we are all trying to be the best possible wave, and in fact compare ourselves […]

Are you ready for a vision quest?

For ages, Native Americans have been doing rites of passage in the form of: Vision Quests. To prepare for adulthood or to reflect on an important decision they spent days, sometimes weeks, alone in nature. The guiding thought behind these experiences is that in our lives we are influenced and conditioned by education, socialisation and other […]

How do you define success?

Over the last couple of weeks I came across the same poem three times, so I felt that is probably a good sign to share it further. There have been several versions over the years, and they are usually attributed to Bessie Anderson Stanley (1879-1952) or Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894). It goes like this: "He […]

What did we learn from 12 days in Bhutan?

The first thing that struck us when arriving in Bhutan was its national flag: bright orange and yellow with a white dragon on it. The colors represent the fruitful coexistence and interdependency of the civic or secular world (yellow) and the religious or spiritual world (orange). For us, the white dragon represents purity and nature; […]